Frequently Asked Questions

This document provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Auto Mouse Click Application Utility for Automating Windows 11, Windows 10, etc. Short questions and answers can be helpful to learn about this Windows Automation Application Utility and in turn save you time and efforts.

Screenshot of Auto Mouse Click Software
Auto Mouse Click Application Utility for Automating Windows 11, Windows 10, etc

How to download Auto Mouse Click by

You can Download Auto Mouse Click Application Utility on your Windows Computer. To install this Software, you would need admin rights to your Windows Computer.

Can this Mouse Clicking Software run on Windows 11?

Yes, Auto Mouse Click Application Utility can be run on Windows 11 running on 32 bit or 64 bit Computer. This Mouse Clicking Application can also be run on Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2022 Edition of Microsoft Windows operating Systems.

Apart from Automated Mouse Clicking what else it can do?

Automated Text Typing, Keystroke Pressing, Automated Optical Character Recognition, Image Detection on Screen, Text to Voice Conversion, Launching of Applications, Folder Backup, Computer Control and many other Actions can be performed by this Auto Mouse Click App for Windows 11, Windows 10 and other supported versions of Windows Operating System. Mouse Clicking, Mouse Dragging, Mouse Clicking with Keyboard Keys like Ctrl + Click, etc can also be performed by creating a simple script. Do have a look at Auto Typer and Clicker page to see related Screenshots and read more about how you can Simulate / Automate Mouse and Keyboard Actions.

How to Click Faster?

This Auto Mouse Click Software can Click Fast, Faster and even Fastest by controlling Time Delay for each Click. Lower the Time Delay, Faster will be the Clicking. The Time Delay is configurable by specifying Time Delay in Milliseconds which is 1000 Milliseconds in 1 Second. Apart from Time Delay for each click, you can configure Time Delay between Mouse Down and Mouse Up from Settings of the Software.

How to Click at Current Mouse Cursor Location?

To Click at Current Mouse Cursor Location, add a Left Click at X = 999 and Y = -999. This Special Screen Location is reserved to Click wherever Mouse Cursor is present at the time of Script Execution.

Can I Pause and Resume Script Execution?

Yes, you can Pause and Resume Script Execution for Fast Script Execution. To Enable Fast Script Execution, open Settings and Enable it and then you can assign a Keyboard Shortcut to Pause and Resume Script Execution. To Stop Script Execution, you can use the Configurable Keyboard Shortcut available to Start / Stop Script Execution for each Script at the bottom of the Main Screen of Auto Mouse Click Application.

How to Abort Script Execution?

To Abort Script Execution, you can press the Keyboard Shortcut Assigned from the Main Screen of the Software. The Keyboard Shortcut assigned to Start Script Execution stops the Script Execution when Script is running. You can also assign a Keyboard Shortcut from Other Settings of the Software to Abort Script Execution of all the Scripts.

How to Change Mouse Cursor displayed when Script is Executing?

You can Change Mouse Cursor displayed when Script is Executing from Other Settings of the Software by selecting a Mouse Cursor File with file Extension of .cur having a Mouse Cursor. You can also disable Mouse Cursor Change and keep current Mouse Cursor even when Script is Executing.

How to Execute Script Multiple Times?

You can Execute the Script Multiple Times by modifying the Script Repeat value from 1 to desired count. You can also make it 0 to run the Script Infinite Times until stopped. When the Script Repeat is set to more than 1, the Script Execution is Looped so that after Executing Last Action in the Script, the the whole Script is executed again for configured number of times.

How to Execute a Macro Action Multiple Times in a Script?

Right Click on any of the Action in the Script and then Click on Edit Parameters of Selected Action Menu item to invoke a Screen where you can change Repeat Count of an Action. You can also make the Repeat Count of the Action to 0 to disable Execution of selected Action so that it is not Executed when the Script is run. By default, value of Repeat Count parameter of the Action is set to 1 so that when the Script is run or executed, the Action is Executed 1 time only.

How to Launch a Macro Script from a Macro Script?

You can use Launch and Wait Action to Execute a Macro Script from a Macro Script. As the name suggests, the Launch and Wait Action waits for the Script Launched to Finish. In case you would like to simply Start Script Execution and Proceed to Execute Next Action in the Script, you can use Launch App Macro Script Action.

How to Group Multiple Mouse Clicking Scripts?

You can use inbuilt Profile Manager to Group Multiple Scripts and Execute them with the Keyboard Shortcut assigned in the Script. You can even save Profile Manager File to later Load the Keyboard Shortcuts assigned in the Script Files without opening the Mouse Clicking Script Files.